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Personal Training at Punch King Fitness

Our gym has been expanded and we’re ready to expand our offerings too. Did you know we

offer personal training? Our new state-of-the-art space will allow us to work closer with our

clients to achieve all their fitness goals. If you’ve taken a class with us before, you know that

every class and trainer is unique. No two workouts are the same at Punch King Fitness.

Personal training has the same approach, to keep you interested and active and to make sure

everything is custom tailored to meet your specific needs so that you are getting the results that

you deserve.

Our training programs are offered in our new HIIT Training & Boxing studio, offering clients a

range of exercise options and equipment to reach every goal.

In addition to training, we also offer a full service nutrition program, provide meal plans and full

service fitness assessments that are geared to help you every step of the way while holding you


Training Sessions

Personal training does not have to be intimidating. We have clients of all needs and fitness

levels. If you are trying to lose weight, build muscle, or train with guidance, Punch King Fitness

has a trainer for you. Best of all, we do not require you to purchase multiple sessions or make a

months long commitment. We will work with your schedule. 


While classes are a group fitness session, they are extremely valuable to our personal training

clients. By taking classes with your trainer you will reap the benefits of comfortability, increased

motivation, and better focus as you will be getting to know your trainer better. The biggest

benefit of our classes taken with personal training sessions is the ever changing workouts. With

the variety available at Punch King Fitness, our clients succeed with ease.

For more information on our programs, send us a message


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