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OK PKF fans, we have another addition for you! At Punch King Fitness, we are always trying to expand and grow our offering to help our members. The value of our Unlimited Monthly membership keeps growing, and if you're not yet a member you can save $60 by signing up before October 31st. See us in studio and save $20 per month for October, November and December.

Our new class, PK BOX HIIT FUSION combines our two most loved classes for a powerful impact. Boxing meets bootcamp for an epic clash between two modalities. Build power, speed, functional strength and conditioning while melting fat and burning those unwanted calories. Geared for all fitness levels!

You will have a blast with this new class, and we can't wait to see you! Check out this reel on our Facebook and follow us to see more of the great classes here at Punch King Fitness.

No matter what your goals are, Punch King Fitness has a solution for you. Our classes are even a great opportunity to have fun with a group of friends.

Join us Tuesday at 6:30 PM, Friday at 5:30 PM, or Saturday at 7:30 AM for this class. Check out our other classes at

We'll see you soon!


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