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Why Kickboxing is Great for Kids

Next week we will launch our first Kids Kickboxing class of the year! Twice a week kids can have fun, work on skill, and learn self defense for just $79 per month.

Is kickboxing a good fit for your child? See why we love this new addition to our schedule.

“As a father of 3, I know how important it is to get kids moving to burn off that energy. Kids Kickboxing is geared towards kids of all activity levels who need a fun activity, and who are looking to learn useful lifelong skills like self defense.”-Owner, Jeff Wallace.


School is back in session and that means the kids have a ton of energy waiting to burn off from sitting at the desk most of the day. Our kickboxing class allows kids to get active. From warm up to cool down, kids will be active during the entire session.


We have kids of all ages and skill levels enrolled in Kids Kickboxing. Group fitness is a great way for kids to make friends and learn teamwork skills. While each child receives one on one mentorship from our instructors, the kids are still working together in the same space.


Perhaps the most important skill learned in this program is self defense. The moves your kid will learn in Kids Kickboxing can be used in real life situations. Our instructors put a heavy focus on self defense as we believe all kids need to be able to protect themselves.


Although this class is geared towards all ability levels, any participant of Kids Kickboxing will benefit in their sport from the class. From speed to agility, this class improves athletic skill without even knowing!


Kids Kickboxing takes place the same time as our PK HIIT Bootcamp class in our brand new, state-of-the-art training room. Parents and other kids over 12 years old can get a great workout and have fun with high energy music and enthusiastic trainers at the same time as Kickboxing.

If you are looking for Kids Kickboxing in Cape May County, this class is for you! Visit our Kids page to learn more and sign up for just $79 per month.


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